Digital Atlas of Breast Pathology by Meenakshi Singh, MD


with Legends


Atypical ductal hyperplasia, cribriform type

Collagenous Spherulosis

The spectrum of pathology seen in the breast is very broad and encompasses lesions with differing outcomes but with similar histological features, which can be separated only by the diligent application of strict diagnostic criteria. The purpose of this digital atlas of breast pathology is to provide a collage of microscopic images, complemented with some gross and radiological images, which may help the practitioners of breast pathology with the examination of breast specimens and to familiarize students with the entities that are encountered. The legends have been updated. This atlas is intended for medical students, residents, fellows, pathologists and physicians interested in breast diseases.

I welcome feedback from you. While I have provided this online atlas free for the viewers to use, the atlas is copyright protected. Should any of the material be used for publications, presentations, or teaching etc, you should acknowledge and notify me via an e-mail at regarding the exact use of this atlas and its content.

You are encouraged to contribute images of those breast diseases represented in the atlas in a limited number. During periodic updates, selected images will be posted on this web site and the contributors acknowledged.

Note: This is the first in a series of digital pathology atlases by the author. To view the second atlas, click here Digital Atlas of Gynecologic Pathology©


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