Digital Atlas of Breast Pathology by Meenakshi Singh, MD

Acknowledgements:  The author is indebted to many individuals who helped in various ways in the completion of this atlas.

  • Carmen Tornos, MD (Pathology, SBUMC), Cliff Bernstein, MD (Radiology, SBUMC), Paul Fisher, MD (Radiology, SBUMC), Roxanne Palmero, MD (Radiology, SBUMC)

  • David Page, MD, Professor of Pathology, Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, TN, on whose Breast Consult Service, I had the opportunity to spend some time as a visiting fellow. Many of the images in this atlas were taken by me during that time.
  • Francisco G. La Rosa, MD  (Pathology, UCD-School of Medicine) for helping with original Web site design, set up of the atlas and continuing updates.
  • Rowena Clark and Mikelle Parnes (Summer Fellows, UCCC) for original Web design and set up of the atlas. Mikelle for the logo and  Lisa Litzenberger (Pathology, UCD-School of Medicine) for graphics.
  • The UCD-School of Medicine breast clinical multidisciplinary team, particularly Christina Finlayson, MD and John Lewin, MD for the radiology images.
  • Pathology Residents and Fellows (UCD-School of Medicine and other institutes) for continuously motivating me to teach and learn breast pathology.  John Crapanzano, MD, and Helenice Gobbi, Breast Fellows at Vanderbilt Medical Center when I was a visiting fellow.

  • I thank Andrea Schmidt (Pathology) and Barbara Cole (Medical Informatics) at Stony Brook University Medical Center-School of Medicine for their diligent assistance in setting up the atlas.